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Kenwood DP-1030

Jakub K

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Kenwood DP-1030



Parametry techniaczne:

Digital converter: 1-bit, 8 x oversampling

Frequency response: 4Hz to 20kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio: 94dB

Channel separation: 90dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.005%

Line output: 1.2V

Dimensions: 440 x 107 x 262mm

Weight: 3.4kg

Year: 1991


IMG_8628.JPG.203a5b51cf4064d53d2607eb33991940.JPG  IMG_8629.JPG.6e0f7e337ea68b29ebbd7a01e7b82fee.JPG  IMG_8634.JPG.79b32ed240d01b4ff03573423feb8066.JPG  IMG_8636.JPG.52c7f4852f2ebb2129bc9f84a2ec1071.JPG  IMG_8635.JPG.c8e66bed7c2b41f8882b438407e1988c.JPG  IMG_8621.JPG.c8af2dd4a5c3a9cfd1650ef5f295b576.JPG

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