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Telefunken CN 750


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Trochę informacji o systemie High Com :

A noise reduction system developed by the German Telefunken company in the 70's as they were dead unhappy about what they felt was the ineffectiveness of Dolby A & Dolby B systems on one hand and the less than useful application of the DBX system in consumer recorders (dbx had promised a consumer version of its system in the early 70's, it was not delivered in a useable form until 1981 and then only after "tuning" by Matsushita). The result was that the company developed a compander based NR system and the needed IC's to implement them economically, the system was called TelCom in its professional version and that was quite popular with European broadcasters since it solved all of the tracking and calibration problems of the older systems and to boot has a somehow "sweet" character to its sonic imprint. The consumer version was on the other hand referred to as HighCom and it blew anything else available at the time out of the water but was not a great commercial success only about a million and a half cassette recorders were sold using the system, very early HighCom circuits also showed a bit of pumping effects if stressed. There is an interesting German page here that offers a modification to existing HighCom systems similar to the one that Telefunken made to their early decks to eliminate pumping and an Italian page that has some info on the TelCom system.


Dane techniczne:



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Ciekawi mnie to Andrzeju jak to się sprawdzi np. z Twoim szpulakiem :D. Jak będziesz na pewno sprawdzał to napisz kilka słów.

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