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Onkyo Integra A-9711


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Onkyo Integra A-9711.jpg

Onkyo Integra A-9711


Do kompletu z deckiem TA-6711 :) Trochę na niego czekałem,ale w końcu jest.




Kawał wzmaka. Ciężki jak diabli.


Dane techniczne:

Power output: 80W/8ohms (under 0,06% THD) (both channels driven 20-20kHz)
                             140W/4ohms (under 1% THD) (both channels driven 1kHz)
Dynamic power: 235W/2ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0,06% at rated power
                                                       0,06% at 1W output
Intermodulation Distortion: 0,06% at rated power
Damping Factor: 120 at 8ohms (1kHz)
Input sensitivity: 300mV/25kohm (line)
                                   3mV/47kohm (phono MM, US and Canadian model)
                                   0,3mV (phono MC, US and Canadian model)
Output: 300mV/15kohm (REC line)
Freguency response: 2Hz-50kHz (+0dB,-1dB)
S/N ratio: 110dB (line)
                     84dB (MM, US and Canadian model)
                     69dB (MC, US and Canadian model)
Diemnsion: 435x164x428
Weight: 14,9kg
source: stereo-hifi.com


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