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Crown CTD-2200


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Crown CTD-2200

Mało znana marka i rzadko spotykane decki japońskiej firmy.

Crown CTD-2200 HiFi Stereo Cassette Deck.    Rare Japanese cassette deck of the middle of 70th years. The device was well kept, and till now regularly works. I have carefully examined the inside, and found traces of only one master - changed the diode bridge in the power supply. Mechanics generally not repaired. Technical specifications are quite decent deck, and the subjective impression of it is very good. Note the line of five light indicators. This is not light-emitting diodes, and decorative lens. Behind them is a rotating disk with slits and light. The disk is connected to a belt with tape counter, and when it rotates, creating the effect's running lights. This display shows the actual speed of winding unit, and if it will seize up, it will be immediately noticeable. Kinematics done soundly. Hitch is used to actuate the solenoid. The reed switch is used, and a rotating magnet as the rotation sensor. Mode switch is located on the electronics board, and is connected with the keys with the band traction. As a method of wiring is used Basically twist, which is considered more reliable ration.

    Main page service manual and wiring diagrams located at the bottom of the page, there are also parameters of the deck. The device was purchased in Russia in working condition, do not have to change even belts. 

opis i zdjęcia z vintage-technics.ru

Crown_ctd-2200_02.jpg.d55b021b0e590f76a9c026ecad0a10d0.jpg CTD-2200_3.jpg.094c4cc3409d52c16ef90be49979844e.jpg CTD-2200_1.jpg.207451f0206e21c5884066566048698e.jpg CTD-2200_2.jpg.0f54df2c0a90cd7b78f5d1b41297ffc4.jpg


CTD-2200_6.jpg.45c8c45dc34170ff7f3a73c9b706852e.jpg CTD-2200_4.jpg.630461dbe732aa350c72e1f3677b411e.jpg CTD-2200_5.jpg.24138220e8eed9c15f1cc6672522f4c4.jpg

a teraz fotki z mfbfreaks.com


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Nazwa przywołuje europejskie skojarzenia a tu rasowy Japończyk. Lubię taki wygląd. Skomplikowany mechanizm. Stara szkoła, dużo metalu. Nieczęsto się pojawia ta marka u nas. Muszę się trochę porozglądać :) .

Ciekawi mnie ta taśma biegnąca do przełącznika zapis-odczyt. Ciekawe rozwiązanie, którego nie ma w żadnym moim decku. Mała plątaninka kabli, ale nie wygląda źle.

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