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Telefunken RP 300


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Telefunken RP 300 front.jpg


Telefunken RP 300


Telefunken RP 300 top view.jpg Telefunken RP 300 front tone switch.JPG Telefunken RP 300 sources switches.JPG





Rated Input Voltage:

                               200 mV/470 kOhm/28 dB on tape

                               200 mV/470 kOhm/28 dB on aux.

                               200 mV/470 kOhm/28 dB on tuner

                                   2 mV/47 kOhm/28 dB on PU

                               190 mV/470 kOhm/27 dB on monitor

Distortion Factor:<0.02 %

Intermodulation Factor:<0.1 %

Cross talk dampening

between channels:

                           >60 dB at 1 kHz

                           >40 dB at 10 kHz

between inputs:

                           >51 dB at 10 kHz

Transmission Range:<10 Hz ... 60 kHz +/- 1.5 dB

Turntable deemphasis:3180/318/75 µs, DIN 45 547

Output Impedance:3 kOhm at output socket

Control:Balance: 0 dB to -17 dB

Treble: +/-13.5 dB at 15 kHz

Bass: +18/-20 dB at 40 Hz

Mid Range: +/-11 dB at 2.5 kHz

Components:49 integrated circuits

                     36 transistors

                     17 LEDs

                     78 diodes

Mains Voltage:220/110 V AC, 50-60 Hz

Fuses:primary: 2 x T2.5 A, 1 x T500 mA

secondary: 2 x T500 mA

Dimensions:435x56x350 mm



"Ciekawsza" część dzielonego zestawu RM 300 i RP 300. Pewnym minusem z dzisiejszego punktu widzenia jest zastosowanie dwukierunkowych kluczy analogowych. W czasie gdy produkowano to pre klucze te były synonimem nowoczesności.

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