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Sony WM-W800


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Sony WM-W800

Portable Stereo Cassette Recorder  (1986)






 The WM-W800 is a double cassette walkman which can copy a recorded tape on deck A to a tape on deck B.

The Dolby NR system reduces tape hiss in the playback mode on deck A.

A playback EQ  selector on deck A gives optimum performance with standard or high performance tapes.

The plug in power MIC jack supplies power to the supplied one point stereo microphone.

SpecificationsType: Cassette Recorder

Tape Type: type I, Metal

Noise Reduction: B

Output: 8mW

Battery: 2 x AA

Power Supply: 3V DC

Dimensions: 116 x 88.7 x 38.2mm

Weight: 350g

Year: 1986



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